DIY Captain America Shield Wall Decor


20150913_165247My son, Silas, has been all things Captain America for over a year now. So when we moved into our new home last year was thrilled to find that he had blue walls, just the right color to compliment the Captain America theme he wanted. This amazing kid has braved four moves in the five years he’s been alive so he was pretty much getting whatever room he wanted.

I’m always try to keep costs low with the kids’ rooms because of our frequent moves and my kids’ ever changing dream of what they want their room to be. See my daughter’s room for another example: Pretty In Peacock.

20151127_114758While I hit up Hobby Lobby and Target for a few great Captain America items, I was longing to find that one amazing centerpiece for the room. One day we were riding in the field at my family farm and I saw the perfect thing staring back at me: A Captain America Shield.

IMG_20170118_102908188_HDROkay, okay, at the time it was an old junky grain feeder lid next to the recently demolished chicken coop… but that’s not what I saw. I saw just the feature piece I wanted for Silas’s room. So I hauled it out with glee,prepared to get it home (just a short 8 hour drive away), and got to work.

Have an old feeder lid or even an old garbage can? You can make a custom piece for your son’s room! Or use this idea to inspire a fun piece of wall art to match your child’s favorite room style.

Happy Crafting!

Thinking Of Buying?
Hobby Lobby 12″ Metal Shield: $25 Hobby Lobby Captain America Shield
Think Geek 24″ Metal Shield: $40 Think Geek Captain America Shield
Etsy 24″ Metal Shield: $339 Etsy Captain America Shield

DIY Instead!
DIY Metal Shield:  $0-$18
My Cost: FREE (I had everything on hand)

“Shield” (Grain/Feeder Lid, Old Garbage Can Lid, Wooden Circle, etc)
$3 Red, White, Blue Paint* Wal-Mart Acrylic Paint
$2-3 Paintbrushes (Small and Medium Sized)
$4 WetorDry 400 Grit Sandpaper Lowes WetorDry Sandpaper
$7.30 Spray Varnish (Matte Finish) Lowes Spray Varnish
Materials to Hang Shield (Nail/Wire/Drill)
Ruler (Optional)
Tape (Optional)
Automatic Sander (Optional)

*Paint: Anything from small acrylic containers to leftover wall paint works. I used a mixture of paint from walls and acrylics that were in my kids’ paint stash- some was glossy and some flat. It worked out because I was planning to distress the shield and spray varnish over it. If you plan to go for a more clean look, choosing paint with the same finish is a good idea as it will keep the project looking consistent.

  1. Choose a Suitable Shield
    I found an amazing old feeder lid on our farm (at least that’s what I think it is). I immediately knew it needed to be a Captain America Shield. It only took an 8 hour trip to get it home from our family farm. 🙂
  2. Prepare Shield- Sand and Clean
    If the shield is old metal or rough wood it will need to be sanded down. I used wetordry sandpaper which works great on metal surfaces. After spraying the shield with water I sanded all the rough and rusty spots till they were smooth. Clean and let dry.*I didn’t prime the rusted spots because I don’t care if it comes through over time. I kinda like the look. If you don’t want the rustic look… prime with special rust resistant paint.
  3. Measure and Tape
    Use tape and ruler to measure the distance between circles. Taping optional for the circles. I didn’t tape because I was planning to give it a rustic look and therefore the paint didn’t need to be as precise.
  4. Print and Cut Out Star Shape
    Print a star in the appropriate size for the shield. It will take the guess work out of creating one from scratch. Then carefully cut out the star, preserving paper star and surrounding paper for use later.
    20150923_124529 (1)
  5. Paint… Wait… Paint!
    After painting each color wait to let it dry before moving on to the next color. Do a second coat if necessary. Again, I wasn’t to concerned about it being exact because I was going for he rustic look.
  6. Star Power
    Use the paper from the star cut out to form a star to be painted in the center of the shield. While I taped this on I didn’t paint completely over it but used it as more of a guide as to where the lines should be.If needed, after the paint drys, use the star to cover the blue paint while creating the blue outline.
  7. Rustic Anyone?
    If you want to keep the lines clean, skip this step. If not, Wet down the dry shield and use the wet sandpaper to manually rough up the shield. Particularly in spots where the paint might not look ideal. It’s best to wait a few days before this step so the paint has some time to cure.*Rustic Look Warning: My son informed me that Captain America’s shield doesn’t contain scrapes like that and would have preferred it without them. It wasn’t really an option with an old rusty lid but I could appreciate the view point so I’m sharing it here. 🙂
  8. Spray Varnish
    Apply 2-3 thin coats of matte spray varnish.
    I wanted to finish up with a light spray varnish to give a more even finish. Between all my found paints from around the house (some glossy, some flat) and the sanding the shield really needed this step to have a finished look!
  9. Hang!
    I had to get a little creative when hanging this huge piece. If needed, a few holes could be drilled in the sides for wire to be strung through and then hardware could all be hidden behind the shield.

Hanging Shield


Captain America Gear


Captain America Room and Toys!

Bedside Table
By Silas
DIY Bedside Table: $10-$15
Our Cost: $1

Table: $1 – Garage Sale Find
Paint: $3-$5 Acrylic Paint (we had on hand)
Paint Brushes: $3-5 (we had on hand)


Pallet – Word Wall
DIY Pallet Word Wall: $0-$23
My Cost: $5 (nails)

Pallet: Free
Paint: $3-$5 (we had on hand)
Paint Brushes: $3-5  (we had on hand)
Lowes Antiquing Glaze: $12.99 (we had on hand) Lowes Antiquing Glaze
Nails: $5



About cedarbranch

Welcome to Cedar Branch! Written By: Randa Smith. Randa loves Jesus, hubby: Barat, kids: Shiloh and Silas, decorating and repurposing. She spends the rest of her free time with her family and friends, shopping, drinking lattes and putting in as little effort as possible to stay mildly fit. Happy Reading!
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  1. Stephanie McGill says:

    So creative! Wonderful job!


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