DIY Eli Shane (Slugterra) Costume

si-2This Kid.

He wanted to be Eli Shane of Slugterra for Halloween.

The problem: This costume doesn’t exist. Eli is just obscure enough to be absent from every Halloween Costume web-site in America… and the world.

So, off I went to the store to obtain the necessary items to make it happen. People if you can talk your child out of this costume… DO IT! However, if you must make it, here are the steps to get it done!

Happy Crafting!


Eli Shane, Slugterra


Silas as Eli Shane, Slugterra














$15 Black, White, and Orange T-Shirts (Wal-Mart $4.97 each)
$12.99 Orange Backpack (Amazon Backpack)
$8 Fabric Spray
$4 Yellow and Orange Puff Paint (Wal-Mart $2 each)
$18.99 Blaster: Eli’s Gun (Amazon Blaster)
Golf Ball Sleeves
Black Fabric Scraps
Sewing Machine

Yes! This costume added up, however, Silas used his allowance to buy the blaster and we had a lot of the items on hand to save money.



Shirt: Cut, connected with adhesive fabric spray, and ready to sew.

Fabric Being Sewn on Shirt

Measuring and cutting orange fabric trim.
After this it was attached with adhesive spray to keep it in place before sewing it together.

Measuring, cutting, and sewing orange fabric under arm.


Shirt Finished!


Backpack – Ready to be made into Eli Shane’s Backpack

Fabric sleeve made from black fabric and pulled on over strap. Once a sleeve was sewn together for the strap, It could easily slide on because of the detachable strap on the backpack. Strap is pinned on underneath so it can be easily removed for use as a regular backpack too.


Each “Slug Holder” made from a golf ball sleeve (plastic). It was easily cut down to size with scissors.

Velcro sewn on to the fabric backpack sleeve and stuck onto the “slug holder”.

Star Decor: Black fabric used to sew and stuff a mini pillow. Then added a star with puff paint. After drying, the star pillow was sewn to the fabric backpack sleeve.

Backpack Finished!


Just add boots and jeans! 🙂


Ready To Go!



About cedarbranch

Welcome to Cedar Branch! Written By: Randa Smith. Randa loves Jesus, hubby: Barat, kids: Shiloh and Silas, decorating and repurposing. She spends the rest of her free time with her family and friends, shopping, drinking lattes and putting in as little effort as possible to stay mildly fit. Happy Reading!
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