Birch Wood Wall Art (It’s Free People!)

 Birch Wood Wall Art


Bathroom Wall Art (Reflected)

I am obsessed with these Birch Wood Slices people. Obsessed. We had one birch tree on our property in Kansas and I asked my husband to prune a convieniently misplaced branch for me and then cut that branch in slices. I have used some larger logs for several fun little things around the house (including in the fireplace during summer) but this project is my favorite. And, it was free… yes FREE!

Honestly, if I had more wood slices I would have covered the whole wall with them or made a thick stripe around the room but I worked with what I had. 🙂 I love the natural element this brings into my bathroom and the unexpected curves of the wood.

If my style isn’t your thing, take the concept and try it a new way. It’s free people…. Free. You can handle that kind of investment.

Birch Wood (1)

Birch Wood

You might be wondering if it will leave several nail holes in the wall and that is a resounding yes. Yes it will. I tried using straight pins and sticky strips but they didn’t cut it. If you are going to do this just own the fact that it will make some holes. If you are determined to avoid multiple holes consider putting them in shadow boxes with a back (See my frame experiments below to get a better idea what I’m talking about).

Let’s get started!
Randa 🙂


Birch Wood Project (4)

Project Supplies

-Chain Saw
-Large Branch (to Cut In Slices)
-Velcro Sticks or Command Strips (optional)

Project Time!!

  1. Use Chainsaw to Cut Wood In Slices
    My hubby helped out with this part ~ Thanks Barat!
  2. Let Wood Dry Out
    I had the wood for a couple of years before I hung it, it was very dry. Why so long? It took me that many years to talk my husband into letting me make all those holes in the wall. He finally agreed to it! 🙂
    Birch Wood (1)
  3. Create Your Design ~ Be Creative!
    I experimented a lot with this. At the end of the day, my preferred method was just to start in the middle and work my way out organically.
  4. Nail Wood Slices Onto Wall
    Yes, There will be many holes in your wall (unless you choose one of the above frame options with shadow boxes to minimize wall casualties).
    *Wood Pieces with Natural Holes: I just nailed into the wall and hung it from the natural dent in the wood.
    *Wood Pieces with No Holes: You can simply drill a large hole to hang the wood or do the following (which I prefer).
    1. Drill Hole
    2. Hammer Nail Head Into Drilled Hole
    3. Gently push or hammer wood piece into the wall
  5. Add Velcro Sticks or Command Strips (if needed)
    I added these to just a few on the backs to keep them in place. They weren’t strong enough to hold the wood up on their own but helpful as an aid.
  6. Blend By Incorporating In Other Parts of the Room
    Towel Rack

    Completing the Look

    Add visual interest by including a few on another wall or even as decor on a table or counter. In my case it is a small bathroom so I just added a few on another wall near the towel rack and a wood slice under the candle.

  7. Enjoy!
Birch Wood Project (7)


Birch Wood Project (8)

Finished Wall

Birch Wood Project (6)

Finished – Towel Rack

Birch Wood Final

Finished Wall – Close Up


Finished – Sink


Finished Bathroom

About cedarbranch

Welcome to Cedar Branch! Written By: Randa Smith. Randa loves Jesus, hubby: Barat, kids: Shiloh and Silas, decorating and repurposing. She spends the rest of her free time with her family and friends, shopping, drinking lattes and putting in as little effort as possible to stay mildly fit. Happy Reading!
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